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This Lexington doctor stands accused of manslaughter. What’s new with his case?

Adam Marcus Lazzarini
Adam Marcus Lazzarini Lexington County Detention Center

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Court proceedings are underway in the case of Adam Lazzarini, the former Lexington surgeon charged with involuntary manslaughter after medical equipment salesman William Holland was found shot in the doctor’s home.

Police allege that in October 2017 Lazzarini had Holland over to his home and was drinking when he shot Holland in a bedroom. Lazzarini is also charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to police about a witness.

Lazzarini’s defense filed to see the evidence investigators are gathering against him, said his attorney Jack Swerling, adding that the doctor continues to assert his innocence and that his defense team expects exoneration.

The Cayce Department of Public Safety, which leads the case against Lazzarini, said the investigation is ongoing.

Months after Holland’s death, Lazzarini’s wife, Vanessa Biery, was found dead in the home. Police labeled her death suspicious.

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The Lexington County Coroner’s Office still has not pronounced an official cause of death, saying the office is awaiting test results. An unofficial autopsy done independently of the coroner’s office said Biery likely died from natural causes, prompting the coroner to assert that those results are speculative until the coroner’s declaration. No charges have been filed against Lazzarini in connection with his wife’s death.

Lazzarini is also embroiled in a wrongful death suit brought by Holland’s parents. Court document indicate that the suit will wait until the end of the criminal case.

Tem Miles, an attorney representing the Hollands, said the family hopes to learn the full truth of their son’s death and to receive justice.

“For as long as Bill and Sheron Holland live, they will spend every day without their son,” Miles said. “They will never get over that loss.”

Lazzarini’s father, Robert Lazzarini, has defended his son saying the incident with Holland was a tragic accident.

“If you could, imagine what it’d be like when you spent your life trying to take care of people then something like this happens,” Robert Lazzarini said.