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Man stole truck, crashed into apartment before assaulting officer, Columbia Police say

A stolen truck was crashed into an apartment building in Columbia.
A stolen truck was crashed into an apartment building in Columbia. Columbia Police Department

A man is behind bars Wednesday after he stole a truck, crashed it into an apartment building and assaulted a police officer, the Columbia Police Department tweeted.

Delarrett Canzater was charged with failure to stop for blue lights, possession of a stolen vehicle, hit & run, assault on an officer while resisting arrest, malicious injury to property, and reckless driving, police tweeted.

The 22-year-old was arrested after crashing a red Ford Ranger into an apartment in the 7700 block of Bailey Street, according to a tweet.

The building Canzater crashed into was unoccupied, and police tweeted no injuries were reported.

Delarrett Canzater Columbia Police Department

Police tweeted the incident began when officers tried to pull over the truck they later discovered was stolen, but Canzater ignored the blue lights. In his attempt to escape, he crashed into the building.

After wrecking into the apartment, Canzater ran away but was soon apprehended by officers, including one he assaulted during the arrest, according to a tweet.

Police tweeted the officer did not need medical attention.

Canzater was taken to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, where he remains behind bars, jail records show.

One out of three police chases end in death or injury in South Carolina.

Noah Feit is a Real Time reporter with The State and McClatchy Carolinas Regional Team. The award-winning journalist has worked for multiple newspapers since starting his career in 1999.