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Boyfriend wanted sex — she said no, stabbed him and got arrested, SC cops say

A South Carolina woman who stabbed her boyfriend after turning down his sexual advances was arrested Saturday, the Union County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to an incident report, Andrea Ann Morris Murphy and her boyfriend had been drinking when she refused his request to have sex.

The man told sheriff’s deputies he began to masturbate, prompting the 53-year-old Union woman to go “into a rage,” and stab him in the stomach with a pocket knife, according to the incident report.

Murphy’s boyfriend said she proceeded to run into a bathroom with the knife, according to the incident report.

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Andrea Ann Morris Murphy was charged with assault and battery after stabbing her boyfriend. Union County Sheriff's Office

After responding to a reported stabbing at Murphy’s home, sheriff’s deputies kicked in both the front door and a bedroom door upon hearing two people inside “yelling for help,” the incident report said.

Inside, deputies said they found Murphy “holding a wet bloody rag in her hand,” while her boyfriend was laying on a blood-covered bed, the report said.

Murphy told deputies she was woken from a sleep to find her boyfriend bleeding, and that they argued before he grabbed her by the neck and chased her into the bathroom where he “jerked” her out by the hair, according to the incident report.

She said her boyfriend threatened to call 911 and tell law enforcement Murphy stabbed him, something she denied and told deputies he “must have stabbed himself,” according to the incident report.

Deputies said in the report that no marks were found on Murphy.

After interviewing the boyfriend, who deputies said was “alert and talking fine” in the report, and finding a knife consistent with what he described, Murphy was arrested.

According to the incident report, the knife was inside a bathroom drawer, and although the blade “was wet as if someone had recently attempted to wash it off,” there were still small splatters of blood present.

Murphy was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, and her bond was set at $5,000, according to a booking report.

No charges were filed against the boyfriend, who was treated at an area hospital.

Noah Feit is a Real Time reporter with The State and McClatchy Carolinas Regional Team. The award-winning journalist has worked for multiple newspapers since starting his career in 1999.