Computer glitch prompts delay for some Richland 2 students taking PASS test

Some Richland 2 students are taking a state learning assessment test a few days late after a computer problem blocked them from doing so online.

A handful of fourth- through eighth graders at three schools are taking the PASS science test Monday and Tuesday after being unable to go online to do it Thursday, Richland 2 spokeswoman Libby Roof said.

She described the problem as “just a logjam” as students sought to register online for the test.

“It was a technology blip,” Roof said.

Officials at some schools were able to work through the problem but others chose to wait, with the delay falling within state guidelines on when the test must be given, she said.

It was the first time that the test could be taken in Richland 2 using that method, although some schools stuck with traditional use on paperwork, she said.

Most of the other seven Midlands school districts reported no similar problem. Some districts, among them, Lexington 1 and Richland 1, did not use the online version of the tests, opting instead for pencil and paper. Officials in Lexington 2 and Lexington 4 could not be reached for comment.

Tim Flach