Wireless internet, phones and school website are down throughout USC’s campus

A wireless internet outage on the University of South Carolina’s campus has left students unplugged and disconnected from class work.

The outage affected the university’s website and WiFi throughout the school’s campus starting at around noon on Friday, according to the university’s information technology twitter account.

“I see this tweet was 2 hours ago,” student Ashton Gugliucci tweeted at around 2 p.m. “So do we now have an estimated time that this will be resolved? Everything I need to complete assignments are on Blackboard.”

Blackboard is an online-based program where students can download class materials and turn in assignments.

“A firewall and network switch problem created the issue,” USC spokesman Jeff Stensland said. “Some problems have been resolved, but we are still not fully operational.”

Stensland said the outage shut down some of the university’s phone, but that the extent to which they were shut down was unclear.

USC’s IT department is working to fix the problem and it is not clear when internet will be restored, Stensland said.

USC does not believe the outage will threaten the Cybersecurity of students, faculty or staff, Stensland said.

USC is currently on fall break.

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