No, Richland 2 won’t permit teachers to have concealed weapons, district says

Richland 2 does not intend to permit teachers to carry concealed weapons, the northeast Richland County school district said.

Rumors the district would allow teachers to be armed likely surfaced because the school district has been considering whether to modify its policy surrounding concealed weapons permits on school property, spokeswoman Libby Roof told The State.

“We have no plans to do anything different than we are now,” Roof said.

Under state law, nobody expect for police, or “personnel authorized by school officials,” are allowed to have concealed weapons on campus. Richland 2’s proposed policy change would specify that only the superintendent could allow a teacher to carry a firearm on campus, according to the draft proposal.

“The law is not specific in what school official can give permission,” Roof said.

If a teacher were to apply to carry a concealed weapon in the classroom, the administration would deny the request, Roof said.

In Richland 2, there are only two employees who can carry firearms on campus, but they are emergency officials who do not work on a school’s campus and would be “first responders” in case of an emergency on campus, Roof said. Those employees have been allowed to carry firearms on campus since 2003, Roof said.

The Richland 2 school board is still modifying the policy change and could approve it as soon as the Oct. 29 school board meeting at Richland Two Institute of Innovation, which is at 763 Fashion Drive, Columbia, SC 29229.

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