Smell smoke around Lake Murray today? SCE&G has it under control

Wessinger Island in Lake Murray.
Wessinger Island in Lake Murray. Google Maps

SCE&G conducted a controlled burn on Lake Murray Jan. 8 as part of its effort to prevent fires.

The 50-acre “hazard reduction burn” took place on Wessinger Island in Lake Murray. Residents in the area may see or smell smoke emanating from the burn, which may linger past the burn time.

Hazard reduction burns are customary, and are used to clear or minimize brush and other plants that could catch fire in the future.

Residents who suspect fires from elsewhere are encouraged to call 911.

SCE&G also conducts siren warning system tests on the second Tuesday of January each year. Sirens sounded along the Lower Saluda River by Lake Murray Dam, and around the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station in Fairfield County. Sirens also go off for three minutes in Fairfield, Newberry, Richland and Lexington counties.

Isabella Cueto covers Lexington County, one of the fastest-growing areas of South Carolina. She is a bilingual multimedia journalist from Miami, Florida. She previously worked as a reporter for The Medill Justice Project and WLRN, South Florida’s NPR station. She graduated from the University of Miami.