He rang the doorbell at an Oklahoma home — then a snake bit his face, video shows

A man attempting to enter an Oklahoma home was suddenly attacked by a hiding snake, video shows.

You can see the video here (warning: it contains foul language).

A doorbell security camera captured footage of the snake biting the man on the face, in a Facebook post shared by Mashawn Copeland.

Copeland was not the person who was attacked at the Lawton, Oklahoma, home, saying it was a friend of his father in the video, KOCO reported.

In addition to attaching multiple videos of the incident in the Facebook post, Copeland also wrote “When you think things aren’t going right... Just be thankful a snake didn’t bite you in the face today.”

Jerel Heywood can be thankful the 5-foot-5-inch-long snake that bit him on the forehead and eye on May 6 was not venomous, according to CNN.

But that was not immediately known, as video shows a stunned Heywood staggering into the Copeland home, where he told the family he needed to be taken to a hospital, per WBRZ.

Heywood was treated for the bite, saying no stitches were needed, but he is taking antibiotics, CNN reported.

Copeland said Heywood’s recovery is going well and the snake that attacked him was identified as a bullsnake, according to KOCO.

The snake was curled up “around a porch light,” when it attacked Heywood as he stood at the door, per CNN. It was killed soon after it bit Heywood, the news outlet reported.

Like the attack, the snake’s demise was also filmed by the doorbell camera.

One of the videos Copeland shared on Facebook shows another man approaching the porch with two hammers, which he uses to knock the snake off the door.

The final video in the post shows the man carefully sweeping the snake off the porch, and onto the lawn where he delivers a few blows that killed the serpent.

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