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Veterans Park in Florence to get more memorials

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Three additional memorials will join those already in place at the Florence Veterans Park and Brown Memorials is involved with all three of them.

The Florence monument company has been involved with many of the monuments already in place at the park, located adjacent to the Florence Civic Center.

In addition to working to rehabilitate a WWI monument and constructing portions of a Merchant Marine monument , the company is working to create a U.S. Air Force monument.

"We wanted to do something to give back to the park itself, to the city of Florence, to the veterans of the Air Force or any veteran in Florence for putting their trust in us," said Bran Oswalt, a memorial consultant at Brown Memorials.

He said the monument and the design of it will be one way to reach out to a younger generation and show them the importance of the Air Force.

Oswalt will also be designing and carving the U.S. Air Force monument.

"We chose the Air Force because we thought it lent itself very well to do something very creative. Think of flight and you think of flowing shapes lifting upward," Oswalt said .

The stone for the monument is on site at the business but the concept is still very much a work in progress.

Oswalt said the planning for the monument started in May and has progressed. An initial concept called for the monument to include a steel jet attached to it but the design has progressed beyond that.

The concept currently includes texturing on the surface of the stone and the possible addition of Air Force Blue glass to the monument.

Oswalt said he has been trying out possible texturing techniques on scrap stone in preparation of creating the monument.

While the design isn't final, Oswalt said , it will be large and imposing and likely raised off the ground in some way.

"The main goal will be to remind everyone of the sacrifice of those who served in the air force," Oswalt said.