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2nd District debate going live on YouTube

Bjorn (on left) and Wilson
Bjorn (on left) and Wilson bjorn.run.com

Voters in South Carolina’s 2nd District can watch their congressional candidates debate live on the Internet Friday.

River Bluff High School, home of the 9:30 a.m. debate, will broadcast the showdown on YouTube Live, according to Michael Burgess, the event’s organizer and a teacher at River Bluff’s Center for Law and Global Policy Development.

Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, Democrat Arik Bjorn and American Party candidate Eddie McCain will debate, just four days before election day.

Lexington 1 Teacher of the Year Meg Huggins will moderate the student-centered debate, which will feature three 20-minute segments.

The first segment will focus on national security, the U.S. military and foreign policy; the second, on job creation, the economy and trade; and the third, on social and constitutional issues.

River Bluff students wrote every debate question and will fill most of the roughly 900 seats in the Lexington County high school’s performing arts center.

“Our students, teachers and staff have invested a ton of time into making this a high quality, dignified, meaningful debate of ideas and issues,” Burgess said. “We are excited about starting a new tradition at River Bluff High School of being a center for civic discourse for our community with events like this one.”