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Columbia church holds post-election ‘healing’ service

To soothe whatever bitter feelings might be left over from the election, a Columbia church is hosting a “service of healing” to bring people back together.

Reformation Lutheran Church will hold the service at 6 p.m. Monday to address “increasing anxiety among a broad spectrum of community groups who felt singled out during this long and divisive campaign cycle,” according to a statement from the church.

In an email, Pastor Tim Bupp said the church particularly wants “minority groups targeted by (President-Elect Donald) Trump during this campaign” to “feel safe and supported.”

“Community is woven together through relationships. This election has torn terribly at it,” Bupp said. “Now, through faith and love, we must start mending the tapestry of our community.”

The service will feature Lutheran and other religious leaders as well as law enforcement officers.

Reformation Lutheran Church is located at 1118 Union St., Columbia.