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Today at the SC State House: What does DJJ need?

Tonight, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley delivers what is expected to be her final State of the State address.

But the Legislature will be busy all day ahead of the governor’s 7 p.m. speech, including six separate subcommittee meetings for House Ways and Means.

At one of those, the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Subcommittee, legislators will hear budget requests from the Department of Juvenile Justice.

After a riot in a juvenile detention facility last year, legislators questioned if the agency was paying enough to attract quality personnel. DJJ asked to fill new positions after the riot and began making security upgrades at the facilities that house youthful offenders.


▪ 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. Legislative Breakfast for the South Carolina Aviation Association, Blatt Room 112

▪ 9:30 a.m. House Ways and Means Higher Education and Technical Schools Budget Subcommittee, Blatt Room 511

▪ 10 a.m. Senate Education Committee, Gressette Room 105

▪ 10 a.m. House Ways and Means Public Education and Special Schools Subcommittee, Blatt Room 521

▪ 10 a.m. House Ways and Means Legislative, Executive and Local Government Subcommittee, Blatt Room 321

▪ 10 a.m. House Ways and Means Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Subcommittee, Blatt Room 305

▪ 11 a.m. House Ways and Means Economic Development and Natural Resources Subcommittee, Blatt Room 523

▪ Noon - 2 p.m. Legislative Luncheon--AMI Kids, Blatt Room 112

▪ 1 p.m. Full House Education and Public Works Committee, Blatt Room 433

▪ 1 p.m. House Legislative Ethics Committee, Blatt Room 511

▪ (Upon adjournment of the House) House Ways and Means Transportation and Regulatory Subcommittee, Blatt Room 318