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Another SC politician falls for Sacha Baron Cohen prank

Another S.C. politician has been tricked into appearing on Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical comedy show.

Former state Rep. Chip Limehouse appeared on Sunday’s episode of the Showtime series “Who Is America” in what was billed as a discussion of race with Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher.

The discussion was moderated by Cohen in the guise of Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello, a “liberal, NPR-loving character,” according to a Hollywood Reporter recap.

Cohen’s character spent the segment asking the two men bizarre questions. He told the rapper that “black” was an offensive word, asked the men about their favorite scene in the film “Moonlight” — a coming-of-age film about a gay African-American man — and talked about rapper Will Smith being from Compton (he’s not).

“Limehouse became defensive while Bone Crusher looked around incredulously,” the Hollywood Reporter said.

The former state lawmaker from Charleston was referred to as a “wretched white politician from South Carolina” by Cohen, who also asked him how Limehouse would feel if his daughter had a black pimp.

“First of all, my daughter would not be involved with any pimp, so it’s an irrelevant question,” Limehouse said. “Let’s move to the next topic because we’re not getting anywhere.”

Limehouse later told the Post and Courier of Charleston the interview took place last summer in Atlanta and he was paid $500 or $600 for participating. He said he and Bone Crusher recognized the interviewer was being intentionally outrageous and was wearing heavy makeup. Limehouse said he did not take the interview seriously. He didn’t know until later it was part of the British comedian’s show.

Limehouse told the Charleston paper he thinks Cohen’s goal “is to make Republicans and conservatives look bad.”

Limehouse isn’t the first South Carolinian to appear on the show.

On the debut episode earlier this month, U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-Lexington, was one of several politicians filmed talking positively about a proposal to arm kindergarteners with guns to repulse school attacks. A Georgia state lawmaker resigned last week after he used the N-word in a segment with another Cohen character.