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Bernie Sanders campaign to hand out bottled water in Denmark a week after SC visit

A week after U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders used the town as an example of America’s endangered water infrastructure, the presidential campaign is donating bottled water to residents of Denmark, S.C.

Sanders’ S.C. campaign director Kwadjo Campbell will be in Denmark on Saturday to hand out free bottled water to residents at 119 Coker Avenue from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., the campaign announced in a press release.

The Sanders campaign will have 500 cases of water to distribute, the announcement said.

The event will come one week after the senator from Vermont held a town hall in Denmark to address the town’s water issues. Sanders toured a resident’s home to hear how far they have gone to avoid using the city’s tap water since learning Denmark put the unapproved chemical Halosan into its drinking water supply for years.

Sanders’ visit follows an investigation by The State that highlighted problems with South Carolina’s rural, aging water systems. Several 2020 presidential candidates besides Sanders have also sought to address South Carolina’s water problems.

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Bristow Marchant is currently split between covering Richland County and the 2020 presidential race. He has more than 10 years’ experience covering South Carolina. He won the S.C. Press Association’s 2015 award for Best Series on a toxic Chester County landfill fire, and was part of The State’s award-winning 2016 election coverage.