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Here’s when SC taxpayers should expect to receive their $50 rebate check

Democrats emphasize voting by mail in competitive congressional races
Democrats emphasize voting by mail in competitive congressional races

Start checking your mailboxes. Over the next month, more than 1.2 million South Carolina taxpayers should receive a $50 tax rebate check, according to a statement from the S.C. Governor’s Office.

Of those checks, 400,000 should be issued this week, according to the statement.

The rebates are the after effect of the $1.5 billion Mega-Millions jackpot that was won by a South Carolina lottery player last year. The state coffers received $61 million in taxes from that jackpot, which lawmakers agreed to redistribute to taxpayers in April.

The move ended up costing the state an extra $6 million to ensure each rebate was $50, plus an estimated $700,000 on postage.

“This is great news for South Carolina’s taxpayers,” Gov. Henry McMaster said in a statement Friday. “Any time the government funds essential programs and agencies and has money left over, we should strive to send it back to the people who earned it.”

To get a check, residents must have filed for their state income tax return by Oct. 15, and have a tax liability of at least $50 after credits, according to the statement. If couples filed their income tax return documents jointly, they will only receive one $50 check.

Checks will be sent out one zip code at a time, and most will be in the hands of taxpayers by Dec. 2, according to the statement.

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