Who was your pick for SC governor?

Get out and vote Tuesday, Nov. 6.
Get out and vote Tuesday, Nov. 6. The State file photo

Midlands voters share which candidate they picked and why:

“(Democrat) James Smith because a combat veteran cares about people, the way the White House is going and the administration. Change is needed.”

Bill Stafford, 66, of Columbia, veteran

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Bill Stafford The State

“I voted James Smith because it’s time for a change for S.C. schools. As an educator, the current administration hasn’t been supportive of public schools in general.”

Paula Miller, 51, Cayce, teacher

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Paula Miller The State

“(Republican Henry) McMaster. He’s done a great job for our state since he took over. He’s been a great jobs governor. One thing that’s important to me is that we have jobs and Henry is making it an attractive place for companies to come and settle down.”

JD Elliott, 26, Columbia, law student

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JD Elliott The State

“James Smith. We need a change from how our government is being run currently. We need to go a bit farther left in our politics and I believe his environmental policies and views on education are good. Being ex-military, his back story is going to pull voters towards him in general.”

Jeffery Adair, 32, Columbia

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Jeffery Adair The State

“I always stand by my beliefs. Since McMaster took over after Nikki Haley, I think he’s done a great job and will continue to do what’s best for South Carolina. Being pro-business, he will bring jobs to South Carolina.”

Blythe Beaudoin, 22, Elgin, student

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Blythe Beaudoin The State