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Today at the SC State House: selling drugs that kill

Today, S.C. senators will consider if selling drugs should make you eligible for a manslaughter charge.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will discuss S.83 on Tuesday. If the bill becomes law, someone who sells or delivers a controlled substance that causes the death of the user could face a charge of involuntary manslaughter and a potential 15-year prison sentence.

Elsewhere at the State House:

▪ 9 a.m. House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Subcommittee of the Legislative Oversight Committee, Blatt Room 108

▪ 10 a.m. Leadership Aiken County, Gressette 307

▪ 10 a.m. Senate Finance Transportation and Regulatory Subcommittee Budget Hearing, Gressette Room 407

▪ 10 a.m. SC Legislative Black Caucus, Gressette Room 207

▪ 10 a.m. Agency Head Salary Commission, Gressette Room 408

▪ 11 a.m. Senate Finance Committee, Gressette Room 308

▪ 11 a.m. Senate Judiciary Committee, Gressette Room 105

▪ 11 a.m. Legislative Group (Rep. Garry Smith & Rep. Alan Clemmons), Blatt Room 501

▪ 11 a.m. House Minority Caucus, Blatt Room 305

▪ 11 a.m. House Ways and Means Committee, Blatt Room 521

▪ 2:30 p.m. House 3-M Subcommittee I, Health and Environmental Affairs on H.3521, Blatt Room 110

▪ 3:30 p.m. Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee, Gressette Room 209