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Sheri Few wants ‘more ads that drive liberals crazy’ after latest flag flap

GOP congressional candidate Sheri Few hopes her donors will help her “run even more ads that drive liberals crazy!!” after her recent ad was criticized by a Muslim American woman who helped organize the Women’s March on Washington.

In a fundraising email, Few said “the left is afraid of me,” citing a tweet from activist Linda Sarsour that said, “South Carolina needs to stand up and make sure this woman doesn’t win her election.”

Sarsour’s tweet links to a story from the Root about a Few ad that claims South Carolina panicked when they voted to take down the Confederate flag at the S.C. State House after a racially motivated shooting at a Charleston church.

That charge has drawn criticism in the race, including from the pastor of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston where nine worshipers were killed in the shooting.

Sarsour, a New York woman who wears an Islamic headscarf or hijab, rose to national prominence earlier this year as one of the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“These leftist radicals know they're not going to elect a Democrat in a seat that Donald Trump won by nearly twenty points,” Few writes in the email, “so they’re hoping the Republican who wins the primary is someone they can ‘work with.’

“That's why Linda Sarsour, the radical ‘Palestinian’ Muslim activist and head of the ‘Women's March’, has publicly called for my defeat.”

Few goes on to criticize the removal of several Confederate monuments in New Orleans, including one that “recognized white supremacy in the South.”

Few said “The destruction is no different than what ISIS has done, or what all totalitarian dictators do.”

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