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MORNING BUZZ: Senators to continue budget talks + Lawmakers to work on compromise to oust S.C. State trustees

S.C. Senate continues budget talks

The S.C. Senate will continue debating Tuesday at 10 a.m. how to spend nearly $7 billion in state general fund money. Senators are one step closer to deciding state spending, giving an initial nod of approval to state spending on Monday. The budget needs only one more vote by senators before it is approved, and sent back to the S.C. House. But senators can still make changes, setting up the potential for further debate Tuesday.

Lawmakers to work on deal to oust S.C. State trustees

House and Senate lawmakers agree they want to oust S.C. State University's trustees. They have each passed bills that differ on how to the number of interim board members who would oversee the school until 2018. A six-member conference committee will meet Tuesday to resolve the differences -- the House proposal calls for a seven-member board, while the Senate wants a five interim trustees. Meeting: 2 p.m., third floor State House conference room.

House Ethics Committee to discuss Rep. Mitchell case

The House Ethics Committee meets to discuss the case against Rep, Harold Mitchell, D-Spartanburg, who was fined $23,387 last year for improperly handling his campaign accounts and spending donations for non-campaign-related expenses, including dry cleaning and repaying a personal loan. The committee spent two years investigating complaints against Mitchell sent by the state Attorney General's office after he pleaded guilty to filing his taxes late. Meeting: 10 a.m. Blatt 511.

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