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Duck Dynasty star stumps for Ted Cruz

Phil Robertson, of the reality TV show Duck Dynasty, appealed Friday to Christians to support Ted Cruz.

“South Carolina, I’m a Jesus man,” Robertson told the crowd at a Cruz rally.

Robertson brought up social issues, including abortion and gay marriage, as he addressed Cruz supporters at an airplane hangar, near the Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

“God almighty said marriage is between a man and a woman,” Robertson said, adding, “It is nuts for even us to discuss what marriage is because we know what it is.”

Robertson said he supports Cruz because the U.S. senator from Texas is also a Bible man.

Cruz drew parallels between South Carolina and Texas, saying the two states have a lot in common.

The states both are made up of Southerners, and are home to lots of military veterans and gun owners, Cruz said.

“We love God, and we are fed up with the corruption in Washington,” Cruz added.

U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-Laurens, said Cruz has been in the foxhole with him fighting against Washington Democrats, including President Barack Obama, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and even members of the Republican Party.

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