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‘Not every voice’ in harmony at Democratic Convention



A fellow Democratic delegate makes his affiliation clear at the national convention in Philadelphia.
A fellow Democratic delegate makes his affiliation clear at the national convention in Philadelphia. Beverly Frierson

Beverly Frierson is an alternate delegate to the Democratic National Convention from South Carolina. Frierson, 64, is a retired teacher in Richland County school districts 1 and 2 and Fairfield County. She lives in Columbia.

"That's what democracy looks like," is the chant I heard last night in response to the fact that not every voice is currently in harmony within the Democratic National Party, but there is hope.

There is hope because the sincerity of commitment is being acknowledged, and the Democrats realize that we are "Stronger Together."

The "togetherness" includes people of all colors and religions; those who are young and those who are seasoned with wisdom. Our Party embraces those who can physically run marathons and those of all ages who may need various devices to assist them with mobility.

We have numerous voices in our party who are committed to issues that are not homogeneous, and we include people who embrace the lifestyle of the LBGTQ community.

How does all of this come together?

It takes great effort and open minds, but most of all, it requires respect.

As I listened to diverse voices in our Party last night, I was most impressed by our First Lady, Michelle Obama. Her skin is like my sister's skin; the experiences she shared are those of many African Americans, but the hopes and dreams for her daughters are aligned with those of millions of parents who see the promise of this nation and believe that we are stronger together.

My ears were not assailed by the rhetoric of hate and the code phrases of divisiveness.

I know I will be greeted tonight by additional examples of hope and inspiration. The goal is to leave Philadelphia far more united than we once were, building on the strengths of our diversity so that we may energize others to join us as we work to elect people who believe in the greatness that is within us.

This electoral task must start at the local, county, and state levels; then, in November, we hope to receive the crown jewel: Hillary Rodham Clinton will be elected as our next President.