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Tim Scott’s suggestion to ease race relations: Share a Sunday dinner

Tim Scott
Tim Scott AP

SC Sen. Tim Scott has found a unique solution to the tricky topic of race relations in America.

In a column for Time magazine co-authored with Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, Scott calls on Americans to look beyond the government to solve racial problems, and instead look on the other side of the dinner table.

“Although, the first thought is often to look to government to solve race relations, we know the federal government cannot solve this problem,” Scott and Lankford write in the piece. “So, we challenge each family to give one Sunday lunch or dinner for building relationships across race, to literally be part of the solution in America.”

“It is harder to stereotype when you know people first-hand,” they write.

The two senators also called for “substantive policy conversations” on policing, criminal justice reform, racial reconciliation, mental illness, “a seemingly growing culture of violence,” and jobs.

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