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NBC News moves SC to “leaning” GOP

S.C. State House
S.C. State House

The latest national projections in the presidential race continue to put a spotlight on South Carolina’s potential to become a competitive battleground in the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

A new electoral projection from NBC News shows Clinton gaining steam in several battleground states – and how the spillover is affecting South Carolina.

The network's updated election map on Monday moved the Palmetto State from solidly Republican to "leans" Republican.

It’s one of several traditionally red states NBC shows moving into more competitive territory. The same update shifts Kansas from “likely GOP” to “lean,” and Georgia has gone from leaning toward Trump to being a “toss-up.”

The same projection also lists enough states at least leaning toward Hillary Clinton to give her 288 electoral votes, or enough for an outright majority in the Electoral College.

Last week, two separate projections showed a tightening race in South Carolina. The website FiveThirtyEight’s “now”-cast suggested a possible Clinton win in South Carolina last Monday, while a poll commissioned by the S.C. Democrats showed Clinton within two percentage points of Trump in the Palmetto State.

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