Alligator goes for a swim — at Beaufort County YMCA

Posted by Mindy Lucas

Courtesy of City of Beaufort—Town of Port Royal Fire Department

First they’re ringing doorbells — now they’re going for a swim.

Seems like alligators are on the move in the Lowcountry lately as staff at the YMCA of Beaufort County discovered earlier in the week.

Staff members on duty May 14 found a 3-foot alligator lounging in the deep end of their outdoor pool.

It’s uncertain when the alligator entered the pool or where it came from exactly though there is a marshy estuary near the Richmond Avenue building in Port Royal.

Fortunately, no one was around or swimming in the pool at the time of the incident, though staff members were getting ready to open the pool that same day for the season.

After making the startling discovery, employees sought help from firefighters at the Beaufort—Port Royal Fire Department across the street.

The firefighters used a lifeguard rescue hook to bring the alligator to the surface. Firefighters then used a piece of rope to secure the animal until an independent wildlife contractor from Tracks Wildlife arrived on scene to secure it.

Since the alligator was small in size it was released back into the neighboring estuary.

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