South Carolina

SC man lights himself, home on fire to get back at mother of his children, police say

An Inman man tried to burn himself alive in a rental home and setting fire to the house instead, according to a police incident report.

Police in the South Carolina town were called to the scene of the fire last week to assist when they were told a man was inside shortly before the home was engulfed, according to the report.

Inman is a town in Spartanburg County.

After helping firefighters, police spoke to a nearby neighbor, who identified the man who was in the home, according to the report. Soon after, the man walked out from the side of the house.

The man was soaking wet and had a nose bleed, according to the report. Officers stopped him and asked him what happened.

The man said he was upset with the mother of his children and “just tired of dealing with her,” according to the report. The man then decided to pour gasoline throughout the house.

He told police he laid down on the bed and started the fire, according to the report. The man then realized “fire was hot” and tried to put himself out.

The man suffered several injuries in the fire, according to the report.

After realizing he couldn’t staunch the flames in the house, the man set his dog free and left the burning building, according to the report. Then, he came out from beside the home.

After speaking to police, he was taken to the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center for his injuries, and later was transferred to a burn center in Georgia, according to the statement.

Police also talked to his girlfriend, who said she was in the home 10 minutes before the fire, according to the statement.