South Carolina

MUSC offers free online doctors visits as Hurricane Florence looms

Medical University of South Carolina
Medical University of South Carolina

The Medical University of South Carolina is offering free virtual doctors visits for all South Carolina residents as Florence rages on, according to a Tweet from the university.

By using the promo code MUSCCARES, any resident of the Palmetto State can get a free visit with the doctor, according to the Tweet.

The promotion starts Tuesday and will extend through the duration of the storm, according to the Tweet.

While the digital doctor’s office can’t treat all ailments, it does cover about 80 issues, including the flu, pink eye, a urinary tract infection, heartburn and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

Users should not use the service in an emergency medical situation, according to a report previously published by The State. Prescriptions are available through the service, as well as chats with doctors or an online interview.

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