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SC megachurch pastor’s wife defends pricey anniversary gift — a $200k Lamborghini


A megachurch pastor from Greenville, South Carolina is catching heat for buying his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini as an anniversary present last week. John Gray, of Relentless Church, is the same pastor who drew praise from around the world for giving tithes directly from the collection plate to veterans, single parents and widows.

A video posted on Instagram, which has since been deleted, shows Gray dressed in black tie leading his wife through a crowd and surprising her with the car.

The gift drew criticism on Instagram, the Christian Post website reports, noting that some people “were angry that a preacher would indulge in such display of opulence.”

Defending the gift from her husband, Aventer Gray posted to her own Instagram account: “My hubby is a hard worker, he worked his whole life and he saved to bless his wife.”

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She pointed to his income outside of the megachurch, including producing movies and writing songs.

Her husband, she writes, “Gives away cars, full houses of furniture, coats off his back.”

“I don’t see anyone screaming about how basketball players drive what they do while you paying $$$ to see them play in arenas and on fields,” she wrote on Instagram.

Gray was praised just two weeks ago for a video that went viral of him giving money to needy members of his congregation. “The role of the church is also to meet the needs of people in the house,” Gray said in the video.

“Any single mothers in here?” he asked. “Any widows? Are there any single fathers, any veterans that don’t have what they need to make ends meet? Come to the altar. There’s some money in these baskets.”

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