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Bicyclist attacks woman who ‘waved and smiled’ while jogging, South Carolina cops say

A woman said she “smiled and waved” at a man before he assaulted her on a South Carolina greenway.
A woman said she “smiled and waved” at a man before he assaulted her on a South Carolina greenway. Facebook

A woman jogging on a South Carolina greenway “smiled and waved” at a man on a bicycle, but instead of waving back he said “what the f*** are you looking at” and attacked her, police say, according to WCIV.

The Charleston, South Carolina, woman was on a run Monday night on the West Ashley Greenway when the man attacked, the station reports.

The West Ashley Greenway has been the scene of “multiple violent assaults — largely on women,” the Charleston Post and Courier reports.

The newspaper calls the Greenway “a popular fixture among runners, cyclists and dog-walkers.”

The woman in the latest reported attack told police she smiled and waved to the man on the bike “as she does to everyone she passes,” according to WCBD.

The man jumped off his bicycle and attacked her from behind, knocking her down and punching her five or six times, according to WCBD.

WCIV identified the woman as Brandy Lytle, who posted about the attack on Facebook.

“I ducked down and fell or was shoved onto the ground and rolled on my back and shoulders and he stood over and kept swinging with closed fists. He connected at least four times because I have scrapes and a small goose egg on my right temple,” she said in a Facebook post.

“I screamed at the top of my lungs, ‘What the f**k are you going?? Get off me!!’ and flung my arms and legs up into him as he straddled me. I don’t know if one of those kicks connected or the screams scared him off, but as suddenly as he started, he stopped and backed off and got back on his bike and casually continued south on the Greenway,” she wrote.

“I’m ok, other than a little shaken up and queasy, and I’m thankful it wasn’t worse,” Lytle said in the post.

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