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Fox News host calls out Lindsey Graham for not hitting back at Trump over McCain attacks

Trump says Lindsey Graham is now his friend

At a rally in Columbia, SC, Donald Trump talks about Sen. Lindsey Graham and their once rocky relationship.
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At a rally in Columbia, SC, Donald Trump talks about Sen. Lindsey Graham and their once rocky relationship.

A Fox News host on Wednesday called out several top Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, for not condemning recent attacks by President Donald Trump on deceased Republican Sen. John McCain.

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto began his Wednesday show with Trump’s Twitter attacks on White House aide Kellyanne Conway’s husband, whom Trump called “a stone cold LOSER” and a “husband from hell” earlier Wednesday. Cavuto noted that Conway responded, defending not her husband but the president’s remarks.

“It is a pattern. It seems to be a weird one, but a remarkably consistent one where the president blasts, but those affected don’t really blast back,” Cavuto said. “He calls the late John McCain even worse things, yet his old Senate pals largely let it ride.

“Now, I’m not talking about Georgia’s Johnny Isakson, who ripped into the president today,” Cavuto continued, “but more like friends like Lindsey Graham, who tweet glowingly of their departed colleague but curiously avoid offending the president who bashed that old colleague.”

McCain died in August after a battle with brain cancer. In the months since his death, Trump has repeatedly made insults about the late Arizona senator, including a recent series of comments both on Twitter and in media interviews.

Graham offered what critics say is a tepid defense of his longtime friend on Twitter.

Cavuto went on to ding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and former House Speaker Paul Ryan for not hitting back at criticism from the president.

“Maybe these guys figure it is really not worth the fight, maybe they calculate (if) you rip him back, he’ll just rip you to shreds,” he said. “So, a lot of these guys just swallow their pride and keep taking the hits, hoping that the machine gun friendly fire out of the White House will find yet another target, usually a colleague, usually a friend, but usually the same response — no response.”

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