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Applebee’s blames heavy rain for opossum behind the bar in Columbia restaurant

Adriane Neico posted photos and video of the opossum as it explored under the bar.
Adriane Neico posted photos and video of the opossum as it explored under the bar. Screengrab from Facebook

A woman says she was at an Applebee’s Grill and Bar recently when an opossum started climbing around behind the bar.

Adriane Neico shared video and photos on Facebook of the opossum at an Applebee’s in Columbia.

“Friday night my husband, my sister in law and I ate at this Applebee’s. Little did we know, that the baby possum was dining in also,” she said on Facebook.

The video shows a young opossum climbing around behind the bar and sniffing the air as people talk about the unusual sight.

“I’m looking at this thing moving by the crate and as it comes up I’m thinking it’s a mouse,” Jimmie Fraizer told WLTX. He was dining with Neico at Applebee’s.

“As it came up, it got longer. I said it’s a opossum, just sitting here, like we’re not here,” Frazier said, according to the station.

As of Thursday, the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times since it was posted June 10.

The company, in a statement to WIS, said, “This isolated incident occurred following a heavy rain. Immediately when the animal entered the restaurant, the team acted fast to contact animal control, which was able to safely and quickly remove it from the restaurant. The team then took extra measures to thoroughly clean and disinfect the impacted area.”

Neico said in the post, “The manager had the nerve to say no pictures please. Well with that being said, her worries should have been on customer satisfaction. I paid my bill of $36 and left.”

“Who knows how long he was inside of the restaurant? Not to mention all over the drinks I just ingested from the same bar a nasty possum was crawling around on,” she said in the post.

Neico said the opossum was at the Applebee’s at 5185 Fernandina Rd. in Columbia, South Carolina.

The state Department of Health and Environmental Control confirmed that an opossum did get into the restaurant, according to WLTX.

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