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Why part of Lexington County will smell like smoke for the next day or so

Lexington County firefighters have contained a forest fire, Thursday afternoon.

A pine forest between the Springdale and Oak Grove communities caught fire Thursday, sending Lexington emergency crews to stop the blaze from spreading, county spokesperson Harrison Cahill said. The fire started in an area between Lynn Drive and Delree Street. The fire burned in three to five acres of the forest and now the brush is smoldering.

“The under brush in this area will continue to burn,” Cahill said. “There’s no way to put it out. We can contain it, which we’ve done.”

Lexington County residents can expect to smell and see smoke for the next 24 hours, Cahill said.

No people or structures were threatened or harmed. Firefighters are still near the forest making sure the underbrush burning doesn’t get out of control.

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