Gov. Henry McMaster: Keep South Carolina’s progress on track

Gov. McMaster tours South Carolina to rally supporters before election

Republican incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster and Lt. Governor nominee Pamela Evette took a bus tour around South Carolina to rally voters.
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Republican incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster and Lt. Governor nominee Pamela Evette took a bus tour around South Carolina to rally voters.

Now is our time. South Carolina is poised to enter an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

In the last two years alone, I have announced over $8 billion in direct investment and the creation of 24,000 new jobs. In 2010, our unemployment rate was 11 percent. Today, it is 3.3 percent, the lowest in decades, and more of us are working now than ever before. Just days ago, I announced a $52 million reduction in unemployment taxes, following a $25 million reduction last year. These are all records. How did this happen?

Beginning centuries ago with rich natural abundance, our people have struggled, endured, striven and flourished, producing institutions, attitudes and a culture which today distinguishes us from other states and gives us unique strength and promise. I refer to our great research universities and four-year colleges, our technical college system which is the best in the country and our vibrant Port of Charleston and its inland ports in Greer and Dillon. Add to this our strong military tradition, our unconquerable faith as evidenced by an abundance of churches, synagogues and other places of worship and the storied friendliness and graciousness of our people, and you have a state which cannot be equaled.

So, what do we do now? It is clear that the world is changing. How do we continue and accelerate our growth and prosperity? The answer is simple: Cut taxes, remove burdensome regulations, enhance education and learning at all levels, keep the people and their property safe from harm and protect our environment.

Specifically, we should:

Cut all income taxes by 15 percent, as a start.

Eliminate income taxes on retirement pay for military veterans, first responders and law enforcement.

Eliminate unnecessary teacher testing and provide a certified, trained law enforcement officer in every school.

Prohibit oil drilling and testing off our coast.

Deepen and strengthen the Port of Charleston, enhance the Port of Georgetown,and build the Port of Jasper.

Vigorously promote the new Opportunity Zone investments.

Build and maintain I-73, I-526 and other vital infrastructure.

Promote workforce development through our technical college system.

And expand access to health care in our rural areas through nurse practitioners, telemedicine and family practices.

My record in public office reflects commitment to and implementation of these goals — and that’s just the beginning. My opponent’s record is just the opposite, reflecting 22 years of effort to raise taxes, expand government, support unions and promote abortions. These policies, if embraced by the governor of our state, would bring our progress to a halt.

Our time is now. Do we build on our strengths and take our state into a new era of prosperity and success, or do we change course for a failed, liberal direction? I am fighting to lead South Carolina to our fullest potential for generations to come. That is why I ask for your vote on Tuesday.

Gov. McMaster is the Republican nominee for governor of South Carolina.

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