Sorry, President Trump, but Joe Biden isn’t going away — and he’s going to take your job

We are still four months away from South Carolina making its mark on the Democratic presidential primary. But the unprecedented attempts to meddle in our election and smear one of our own has brought us together to send this message to you, President Donald Trump:

Joe Biden isn’t going anywhere.

We’ve seen your negative ads on TV attacking the former vice president with flat-out lies more than a year away from Election Day in November 2020. And that begs this question: Why would you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking Joe Biden in South Carolina before we have even picked him as our nominee?

The answer is simple: You are scared.

You don’t want to face Joe Biden, especially when poll after poll shows him beating you handily. You want a campaign on your terms and you want to handpick our nominee. But we have news for you, President Trump: we won’t let that happen — and especially not in the Palmetto State.

There’s a reason Joe Biden’s support here has remained so strong and steady: we know who he is and we know who you are. We know he is going to beat you next year. And you know it, too.

That’s why, President Trump, you’ve gone so far as to spend nearly $1 million to spread these lies across the states that will vote first in 2020. And unsurprisingly your campaign is deploying the most resources right here in South Carolina with more than $400,000 worth of flat-out lies. Well, President Trump, we know that you’re a con artist and habitual liar.

We aren’t falling for your scam.

Your claims against Joe Biden and his son are bogus. In fact, they’re so ridiculous that some networks like CNN have even refused to air your ad. Everyone who has looked into this issue has found no wrongdoing; every independent fact checker and news organization agrees that Joe Biden and his son did nothing wrong. End of story. That leaves you with nothing, President Trump.

And you have some nerve to call Joe Biden corrupt, Mr. President: you’ve sold out your own country in order to smear a statesman. You’ve begged foreign countries to launch baseless investigations for your political gain. And you’ve been caught red-handed.

Unfortunately for you, President Trump, this story is about your abuse of power. Your unhealthy preoccupation with Joe Biden may very well be the reason why you will be removed from office. But if Congress won’t get it done, you had better believe that Joe Biden will.

Your attack ads won’t change how we see Joe Biden. He is the commander in chief that America needs right now. You, on the other hand, are the most corrupt, incompetent and impulsive president in our lifetime.

Make no mistake: we stand with Joe Biden, and we believe your unhinged attacks have only made him stronger.

So go ahead and throw stones in your glass house, President Trump — but remember that what goes around, comes around. And as Joe Biden would say, it’s only a matter of time before he beats you like a drum.

This piece was co-authored by State Rep. David Mack, former state Rep. Jim Felder, Kershaw County Democratic Party Chairwoman Phyllis Harris Drakeford, Grace Christian Church First Lady Jennifer Bishop and former Rock Hill Mayor Doug Echols.