Letters to the Editor

Letters: Wilson ignoring state’s infrastructure

USRep Joe Wilson
USRep Joe Wilson jblake@thestate.com

A third of the dam failures in last year’s floods occurred in Congressman Joe Wilson’s 2nd Congressional District.

During the past decade when South Carolina’s infrastructure was neglected, Congressman Wilson voted against the Water Resources Development Act, which provided funding for S.C. “flood damage reduction” programs. He also voted against bill after bill devoted to maintaining our transportation infrastructure.

As the Democratic candidate in next month’s 2nd District election, I believe it’s clear that Congressman Wilson just doesn’t give a dam. Or a bridge or a road. South Carolina has more than 1,800 deficient bridges — with seven of the 10 most-traveled, deficient bridges here in District 2. A third of the state’s interstate pavement is classified as fair or poor, which is why we spend $3 billion annually on roadway-related expenses.

President Eisenhower proved with the interstate highway system that infrastructure investment has a positive impact on productivity, GDP, employment and personal income. For every $1 billion invested in infrastructure, more than 10,000 jobs are created.

Congressman Wilson consistently votes against federal legislation to maintain South Carolina’s roads, bridges and waterways, and blames the president and his own party colleagues in the Senate for everything under the sun.

Yet when it comes to infrastructure investment, Status Quo Joe can’t pin pothole tails on donkeys. He has only the elephants in the room to blame.

Arik Bjorn