Letters to the Editor

Letters: Divisiveness will haunt Trump


Some Donald Trump supporters saw his insults as indications of his “truthfulness” and his ability to “tell it like he sees it.” Other Trump supporters voted for him despite his distasteful conduct; they gave him a pass because of his vision of America, because of his promises to make America great again, improve the economy, create more jobs, strengthen the military.

These may be lofty goals, but should the end justify the means? Is it OK to be uncivil and insulting to reach a good goal? In order to justify their choice, some Trump friends have said that his nasty comments were simply “bluster,” that he didn’t really mean them. They say the “real” Donald Trump is compassionate and humble. The “real” Donald Trump respects women, they say.

What I find distasteful is that so many Americans have excused his arrogant demeanor and conduct. (Some brave Republicans thankfully stood up to him.) I do not believe the ends justify the means. I believe that how one conducts oneself in a campaign matters.

Unless Trump undergoes a huge transformation, his harsh, demeaning comments will come back to haunt him. He may find that the “other” America (the one that embraces diversity and inclusiveness) cannot easily forget his incendiary rhetoric that has created so much anxiety and fear.

Laurie Walden