Letters to the Editor

Letters: (Alternative) facts you didn’t know

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump AP

Thanks to Kellyanne Conway, we have a new phrase in our vocabulary. So to honor her recent contribution, I thought I would offer a few fun alternative facts you may not have otherwise known.

1) During the Battle of Carthage, Romans launched coleslaw at the opposing side. Historians believe this was a decisive factor for Roman victory.

2) A calico cat is hidden on the dollar bill.

3) 76.9 percent of our jelly bean reserves are in South Carolina. However, this does not include peach-flavored beans, so some scientists argue this percentage is more like 94.2 percent.

4) Aaron Burr invented the hot dog.

5) In some cities, it is illegal to purchase and talk about magnets on Tuesdays.

6) Yarn Appreciation is quickly becoming the most popular major among college students, outpacing such areas of study as biology and business.

7) Alternative facts do not exist.

Christina Zellis

West Columbia