Letters to the Editor

Sunday letters: It’s time to remove Confederate flag


I graduated from USC in 1973. Recently, I was shocked to see the Confederate flag still flying in front of our state capitol, when I drove past on a visit to my alma mater with my old roommate visiting for the first time in 40 years. His comment was: “What a shame. All the fancy new buildings and school accolades don’t mean a thing when the core is still rotten.”

I have to agree, especially in view of all the divisive rhetoric and actions that our politicians in Washington still exhibit; the racist mentality in the Ferguson, Missouri, police department; and the shameful SAE Fraternity rants at Oklahoma University.

Flying that flag says “these actions are OK.” My old roommate is a retired Navy veteran who wanted to visit Fort Jackson, and play a round of golf on the beautiful course. There, we saw only one flag; and everybody was as nice as possible, even though we as whites were in the minority. That’s the example we should set for our children and elected leaders.

For God’s sake, please take down the Confederate flag and finally practice the Christian principles that we espouse so much.

Carl Prestipino