Letters to the Editor

Sunday letters: Thanks for baseball, perpetual potholes


Driving around our fair city I quite often hit a pothole or rough patch of road. “Never mind,” I say to myself. Nearly as often I manage, to the detriment of my tires and suspension, to run over one of the steel plates that decorate the roads of our city. “Never mind,” I say to myself. Even more often I encounter a manhole cover that is either two inches above the road surface or three inches below it. “'Never mind,” I say to myself.

Yes, never mind, because thanks to the “courage and vision” of four men on our Columbia City Council (according to Ron Morris’ April 10, 2014, column), we soon will be blessed with a new baseball park at a cost of $29 million. The fact that the roads of our fair city will still resemble the Western Front seems to be of no concern for the four brave men, no doubt because they are not footing the bill. What extraordinary fearlessness and valor these four brave men have shown. Perhaps they all deserve a medal, or something.

Paul Denman