Letters to the Editor

Letters: Homosexuality is no benign choice


The morals of our society have hit rock-bottom. The proof is in the April issue of Southern Living magazine, where page 35 featured a full-page IKEA ad that shows two young men, one black and one white, snuggling on a love seat under a logo that reads: “All homes are created equal.” A filthy piece of liberal propaganda, this ad calls to mind the philosopher Nietzsche’s warning that one should sit up and take notice when encountering purer forms of evil.

In the first chapter of Romans, the apostle Paul explains how sodomy is connected to all other kinds of sin and wickedness, as both an effect of certain prior sins and the cause of others.

Contrary to liberalism’s claim that homosexuality is a benign preference, it is, in fact, a malignant spiritual cancer and an all-consuming evil.

Winston McCuen