Letters to the Editor

Letters: Allendale school board doing as well as it can

Cindi Scoppe’s condemnation of the Allendale County school board for its alleged lack of care about a “decent” education is a curious departure from her castigations of the Legislature for its perverse nurturing of its insurmountable problems (“Why Allendale schools don’t want the state’s help,” June 25).

How can one of the state’s poorest school districts provide a “decent” education? What credibility does the Education Department have?

Lacking a robust tax base, how can Allendale provide more than crumbling buildings and desultory teachers? The cascading problems that attend systemic poverty explain its dysfunction and descent into oblivion, while the state expects its test scores to correlate with those in the (few) adequately funded districts. Who has witnessed Allendale’s third-world conditions and believes that success can be wrought from what does not exist? Poor people don’t “whip up a frenzy” and curse because they’re ignorant: They are angry at the double-edged sword that pokes and prods their contrived burden of doom.

Our devotion to regressive tax policies and derision of “socialistic” funding formulas guarantee failure while Boeing et. al. are gleefully handed obscene incentives and tax breaks that could be invested in public education. Why bother when we smugly assign blame to the victims of shameless public policies?

Jesus Christ would stand with Allendale and demand justice for all our poor children.

Elizabeth Robeson