Letters to the Editor

Letters: Rec center bathrooms are an embarrassment

Lexington County recreation complex on Ball Park Road
Lexington County recreation complex on Ball Park Road

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted Lexington County Administrator Joe Mergo about the deplorable bathroom conditions at the county recreation complex on Ball Park Road in Lexington. The bathrooms were a total embarrassment but are apparently not any priority, because they are even worse now.

Mr. Mergo stated that the Recreation Commission is not in his oversight and passed the buck to the commission’s Randy Gibson, who has apparently not taken time to visit the bathrooms.

When we visit our daughter and watch our grandson play baseball at the Lexington complex, there are sometimes games at eight to 10 fields, with hundreds of visitors, many from out of town. My guess is that the huge complex is one of the most important assets in Lexington County. What a disgrace that visitors have to use bathrooms that are horrible and that taxpayers allow that to happen.

Andy Sullivan

Honea Path