Letters to the Editor

All that ‘fake news’? It’s now reality

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump AP

Every news article, every TV news show and any entity that said anything critical of Donald Trump was all made up and not one word was true, according to Trump. He called it fake news, and his supporters went right along with him.

Trump said that everything that was being investigated by our intelligence community on Russia's involvement was being made up by the CIA and FBI and any documents found incriminating either against him or his associates were fake. The fact that even his own son and son-in-law were caught lying about meeting Russian agents meant nothing.

So I guess the congressional hearings on TV looking into the Russian involvement were fake, the special counsel set up to investigate the Russians never existed, those warrants were never issued against his associates, and the grand jury who just authorized this fake special counsel to arrest some of his “honest” associates is made up of fake people.

Or maybe reality is knocking at the president’s door.

Pat Clark