Letters to the Editor

Tax bill will hurt most of us

Our political conversations are all to often shouting matches where no one hears the other side and everybody just waits for their turn to scream into the void, but consider what I have to say.

The U.S. House’s tax reform bill is designed with short-term gains in mind for the wealthy at the expense of long-term security and prosperity. It will add to the federal deficit. It gives tax breaks to corporations and wealthy families that are paid for by the middle class. For example, local and state tax deductions will be gone. Yes, you will be taxed on your taxes. Popular deductions for student-loan interest, mortgage interest and medical expenses are also gone.

Some in Washington say they want to help the middle class get ahead, but actions speak louder than words. Don’t take my word for it; do your homework. If this bothers you too, please contact your congressional representative.

Brendan Truley