Letters to the Editor

Congress much stabilize health-insurance market

The bipartisan legislation to help stabilize the health-insurance markets, while also providing protection for preexisting conditions, is an important step forward in the debate over health care. I applaud U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray for their leadership on the issue and strongly encourage our Sen. Tim Scott to cosponsor this bill.

It is imperative that the health-insurance markets are stabilized while also ensuring high-quality health insurance is affordable and available to all. And as the proposal makes its way through the legislative process, we call on Sen. Scott to protect the thousands in South Carolina suffering from lung diseases such as asthma and emphysema by protecting preexisting condition coverage.

The American Lung Association supports this effort and looks forward to working with our senator to ensure that all South Carolinians have affordable, high-quality health insurance.

Martha Bogdan

Executive Vice President, Southeast Region, American Lung Association