Letters to the Editor

Praying for victims isn’t enough


I was not surprised to see an email from U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, hours after the horrendous shooting in Las Vegas, saying that his prayers were with the victims and families. I was, however, saddened and disappointed that our legislators are once again choosing to close their eyes to the need to protect Americans from unstable shooters.

In the state where innocent African-Americans were gunned down while praying, it is shameful that Scott believes that prayer excuses his refusal to stand up to the gun lobby.

I believe God would want legislators to take difficult stands against violence rather than just pray for its victims.

There is a place for responsible gun use. Drivers follow laws established by legislators. There are laws regarding alcohol use.

Claiming that making laws that would require gun registration or set limits on who can purchase a firearm or where one can be used is the height of irresponsibility,senselessly fuelings fear and rage. Further, allowing unfettered gun use endangers the police who are tasked with protecting us.

Innocent people have been gunned down by those who should not have access to firearms. Sen. Scott should feel free to pray, but he should not substitute those prayers for responsible gun legislation.

Agnes F. Pomata

Wadmalaw Island