Letters to the Editor

At last, the truth about our ‘religious war’

US Sen Lindsey Graham
US Sen Lindsey Graham NYT

Finally someone in the Republican Party has stated it out loud: “we’re in a religious war” (“NYC suspect should be held as enemy combatant, Graham tells Trump,” Nov. 2)

No more pussy-footing around: We have become a Christian country where the religion of others is no longer important. We are at war over religion.

Our esteemed senator tried to hide his intent with some covering words about the war being against “a sect of Islam” that “their fellow Muslims hate … more than we do,” but they are for naught. The one-time opponent of Donald Trump has now had a sip of the Trump Kool-Aid and likes the taste.

Part of Graham’s solution is to allow Trump’s travel ban for some Muslim-majority countries to go into effect. Of course, that won’t happen in any Muslim-majority country where Trump has hotels.

All this time, I thought the United States was a country that welcomed all religions and did not get involved in religious wars.

Silly me. I forgot: No one hates like Christians hate. Up until now, they have just been better at hiding that hate, couching it in soothing terms. No more.

Thanks to the senator for finally bringing the true intent of our nation’s Christian conservatives out into the open.

Don Hagedorn