Letters to the Editor

Here’s another reason we need universal health care


One benefit of universal health care is that doctors and medical staff would be available around the clock.

Not being able to have good quality health care available 24 hours a day is outrageous.

How many times have you been sick or hurt bad enough to need to see a doctor and had to go to an emergency room because doctors don’t work shifts to cover 24 hours.

In an emergency room. you get skeleton-crew service after hours. Emergency room medical staff have to decide if they should call a specialist in to help someone. Or you get fixed up temporary until a doctor can see you in the regular daytime working hours. This should not be this way.

This scheduling your health to convenience the doctors is wrong. All doctors and medical staff should be subject to shift work, 24/7. I had to do this as an information technology specialist, and that was for computers. Doctors and medical staff are for humans. How can the current private medical system be acceptable?

Jim Matthews