Letters to the Editor

Friday letters: Young black men need to be loved


I apologize to our young black men. Our generation has failed you. Many of you have been fooled, bamboozled and hoodwinked along the way. Some of you have equated manhood with being “hard,” being “hood,” having multiple “babies’ mamas” and “thuggin.’”

In my apology to you, I promise that I will never enable you in those perceptions. I will only expect greatness from you. I will be compassionate toward you when you have not shown compassion to yourself and others. I will respect you when you don’t have the ability to respect yourself. Most of all, I will love you. I will show you that compassion and love are not weakness, but strength.

I have to love you, because I love myself, and when I see you, I see myself.

Robert M. Copeland

Rock Hill