Letters to the Editor

Monday letters: Many abuse left lane on highway

A big problem on our interstates is people getting in the left lane and just staying there, even when there’s little or no traffic on the right. My wife and I travel I-26 and I-95 often. You’d be amazed at the people who tie up traffic by simply getting and staying in the left lane.

On a trip to the west coast, I noticed that Texas signs tell drivers that the left lane is not the fast lane; it is the passing lane.

I thought that was understood by everybody who has a driver’s license, but undoubtedly it is not. What can be done to break this trend, short of ticketing people?

I’m at the point that I want to install machine guns in my parking lights (a la James Bond in “Goldfinger”) and blast these idiots out of the way, but then I’d get arrested for murder — though maybe I could convince a sane judge it was justifiable homicide.

Please, please, please everybody: Keep right except to pass on rural interstates.

John Rawl