Letters to the Editor

Wednesday letters: Lawyers making yard work more dangerous


I recently had occasion to purchase a gas can for my yard equipment because I inadvertently ruined the cap to my Blitz can that I had owned for many years and had used successfully without incident. I searched for another Blitz, only to find that it was no longer being sold due to the demise of the manufacturer.

Each time I have used the new can, I have cursed the unknown factor that caused this calamity, because I have never actually been able to pour gas out of the can without removing the spout and using a funnel.

Now I read with great interest an article in The State indicating that it is a pair of lawyers in my own home town that I may thank for being the catalyst for the financial failure of Blitz (“We want to get rid of the case,” May 3).

Perhaps they will consider representing me when I catch fire due to the increased hazard of using this newly designed, inept, Rube Goldberg-type, re-engineered poor excuse for a gas can. There is a whole new company out there that they might be able to litigate against and, possibly put it, too, out of business.

David Hammond